Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pixie Dust

Most little girls love fairies. Tinkerbell is just someone that captures a little girls imagination. So pixie dust is something that is fun for little girls to have. But how do you capture some pixie dust. It's pretty difficult, but you can make some of your own. It's super simple. And it can cost less than $5.00.

Here's What You Need

A Grater
Sidewalk Chalk

Here's What You Do

Take your sidewalk chalk and grate it. You come up with a powder. Then add some glitter. It will look like dust.
That's the amount I got from one piece of sidewalk chalk. So there is plenty to play with.
I had an empty test tube around the house which made the perfect container for the pixie dust. All I had to do was use a piece of paper to funnel it into the tube. You have a perfect little stuffing stocker, or rainy day project for the little girls in your life.

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