Friday, December 2, 2016

The Christmas Chaos

Oh, the Christmas season is in full swing. And the Christmas chaos has begun. Let me show you the scene of the chaos.
You see, I've always believed that parking lots are an example of anarchy in action. Yes, there are lines and a few stop signs, but we all know those aren't really followed. People simply do what they want. And the anarchy in a parking lot at Christmas is beyond reason. I have found that there is no other term for it other than Christmas Chaos.

You see people are driving every which way possible. And they are frustrated. So many people spend time looking for a spot in the front of the parking lot. You know there are a few people who manage to get them, but you can't figure out how. Because there are no parking spots available at all in the entire parking lot.

And it is everyone in the parking lot who is experiencing this Christmas Chaos. As people are driving around the parking lot. They spot someone coming out of a store. People begin to follow this individual to their car. You stop and put on your blinker showing that you are going to park in that spot. And you have a moment straight out of Fried Green Tomatoes. Someone pulls into your spot. There is no holiday cheer in your car at the moment. In fact you are feeling pretty angry.

Or there is an even worse scenario. You follow the individual, and believe that you now have a spot. And the big disappointment occurs. They open their trunk fill it up with items. And then they have the nerve to turn around and walk back into the store. This leads to the Christmas sigh. And the hunt begins again.

You see the parking lot is just confusion. You never know what to expect. It is chaotic. And if you are like me, you do a lot to avoid this chaos.

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