Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Things That Have Made The Week Fabulous

I was looking at my posts and thinking that it's been awhile since I posted about all the good things in my life. Well it's about time that I shared what has made this week fabulous.

My goal for the month of December was simply to survive the month of December. That was due to the fact that we normally work loads of overtime in the month of December. But so far I have only had to work a couple of hours of overtime. It's been wonderful. There will be a little extra money in my check, and I am not experiencing the exhaustion I do sometimes. Some of the days have been rough, but I have been able to go home on time so far. Hurray!

I have thoroughly enjoy the Lush products I just couldn't resist when I had a shopping spree earlier. They are a little pricy, but man they sure are wonderful! I absolutely love that Shoot For The Stars bath bomb. How do they get such rich colors in those bombs?

I am so thankful for the weirdest thing. I am thankful for long underwear. With this polar vortex that has been bearing down on us recently, I am so thankful I was able to find my long underwear and it has been keeping me toasty warm on these cold days.

I scored some really great wrapping paper a couple of weeks ago when I was out shopping. I love the bright reds in the paper I bought. And I love that this is glitter in the one roll. It looks kind of like a candy cane.

I really am thankful for children's books. I love looking at the pictures in them. And I love the simplicity of the stories. I know it's strange, but I truly do enjoy reading through them every once and a while. I always pick one up when I'm at the library. And I'm never disappointed with the books.

That little voice that tells you to shut up sometimes. There was an incident a few days ago, where I just wanted to tell someone exactly what I thought. And what I thought wasn't very complimentary. I'm glad that I decided to think about what I said instead of letting whatever pop out of my mouth. I think it saved me some trouble in the long run.

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