Friday, December 16, 2016

What Your Tires Have To Say

Believe it or not your tires have a lot to say. They have needs you know. I know that I often haven't listened to what they have said. And here are a few things you really should know about your tires.

The Facts

There is a lot of information about your tire printed on the sidewall of the tire. It tells when and where it was made. You might need to know that at some point in time. That means you don't have to rely on your mechanic tell you all of the information.


It really is important for you to know how old your tires are. In my case it is a general age. I think I bought those a year ago is what I tell the mechanics. But the life span of most tires is 10 years.


When I was younger, a friend of mine told his sister that she needed to replace the winter air in her car for spring air. She went to the gas station let the air out of her tires and refilled them. Yes, it really happened. But tires have a sweet spot with amount of air they like. Not too much and not too little they like things just right. You can find the information in the car manual you get with the car. I always keep it in the glove compartment. It is not a well read book though.


They do like a change of pace. So it is important to rotate the tires so that they wear evenly. And they will then last longer. This saves you money in the end.


Once your tires have been retired by your mechanic. Make sure that you pay the extra fee to have them recycled. They can live on in shoes soles and other products.

So what are your tires trying to tell you?

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