Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Christmas Story House

A day away can do wonders for you. A kitschy day trip is a great way to spark you creativity. So my friend and I took a day. We made that drive to Cleveland, Ohio, to see that place of things of Christmas past. Or maybe I should call it Christmas kitschy. We visited A Christmas Story House.
Most everyone in the United States has seen the movie A Christmas Story. I mean around Thanksgiving, it plays for like 24 hours straight. It's a movie about an ideal of America. An America that is part of the past for the most part. And we can all relate to some of those crazy scenes in the movie. You know the triple dog dare scene. The pink bunny scene sticks out in so many individuals minds. The movie is all about an idealistic Hammond, Indiana, where the author of the story grew up.

When they went to make the movie in 1984, the city of Hammond had changed, and it was difficult to find a house like the one that was described in the stories. But Cleveland was another story. The movie producers just kind of stumbled across this house. And it was exactly what was needed for a perfect setting.

So what do you get at this house? You get a chance to explore hands on the place where some of the scenes from that kitschiest of all Christmas movies was filmed.
Walking through Ralphie's bedroom I could just see the characters in the house. You are able to touch the props in the house. And you can pose with them for photos.
What fan of the cult movie doesn't want the opportunity to sit in the bathroom and decipher the message buy more ovaltine? You can do it!

Or a chance to sit down where that question how do the piggies eat was asked?

There's also a house next door that is the home to props from the movie. And a few of the reviews of the movie. It was fun to read a positive review, and then go on and read a mixed review. One reviewer ever stated that adults may not find this movie interesting. And then there is the shop. It's full of everything a fan of the Christmas Cult Classic has to offer.

So, overall, I really recommend the Christmas Story House as a day trip. Fans of the movie won't be disappointed.

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