Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fireside Gothic

I like spooky stories. Not the bloody horror stories that depend on violence. I like those spooky stories that have a hint about what might happen in life. Fireside Gothic by Andrew Taylor is a book with three short stories that fit the definition of spooky tales.

The Stories

The first story revolves around two boys who are the only two boys left at their school during winter holiday. It's a pure ghost story. And the boys have a connection with each other for the rest of their lives due to their experience on that holiday.

The second story is about the death of a sibling. On his way home from his sisters funeral the main character's car breaks down. He winds up in a long time ago leper colony. The people he meets there really end up changing his life.

The third story is actually about a cat. A young man who has returned from fighting in the gulf area stays with his uncle. He is suffering from PTSD, and he claims that he sees a cat in the woods. And he suffers from an infected cat scratch.

What I Think

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all three of the stories. I have tried to decide which of the stories is my favorite. I waiver between the second and third story. I think the ending of the second story is the creepiest of the three. I won't tell you, but it makes you think about what if. But then again the third stories involves a cat as a main character. And it is an interesting way to use the feline as a character. But I like how the author connects the kitty to all of the characters in the story.

After reading these stories, I want to check out more of the author's books. I want to see if I enjoy them as much as I enjoyed these novellas.

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