Sunday, March 26, 2017

Getting Back To Samurai Jack

I received a phone a few weeks ago. It was a friend of mine who was extremely excited. He asked if I had heard yet. This question can go a lot of ways. So I asked for some clarification. He told me there is a new season of Samurai Jack. I thought to myself is it true? Could they have resurrected a truly great animated show? The answer is yes they have.
My friend, Andy, introduced me to Jack. And I have always been grateful for this introduction. This is a show that was meant for children. It originally aired on cartoon network, but because of the art and good story lines it is a cartoon that many adults enjoyed too.

I am looking forward to see if Jack can get back to his time. And I can hardly wait to see the great animation. Hopefully, this won't be a resurrection that leaves me disappointed.

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