Saturday, March 25, 2017

Great Moments The Week Has Presented

Every week is full of precious moments. Times that just make you really appreciate life. This week has been like most weeks. There have been some really great moments that make me feel grateful.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is one of those totally useless holidays. It's not a significant day, but it is just fun to celebrate. I was able to spend time with a friend for pre-celebrations. It was fun just to cut loose. And well pulling out the green garb is also a lot of fun.

My Doctor

I had to go to the doctor this week because my shoulder was hurting. He was able to diagnose it quickly, and he gave me choices on how to deal with it. And thank goodness none of them are too difficult.

The Future Me

I was out and about this week with a friend. We wound up sharing a table with this little old lady. Somehow the lady and I immediately struck up a conversation. My friend that was with me said she couldn't understand how I could find a person who was exactly like what I would be in 20 years. The strange thing is the lady is exactly 20 years older than I am. She seemed to be pretty lively and she looked good. So here's hoping I am like that lady at her age.

So what great things have been going on in all of your lives?

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