Saturday, May 13, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 18

This past week was the 50% off sale at most of the thrift stores in town. Why do these stores have all of their sales on the same day? There are literally too many places to visit. Anyway, here are a few of the finds I made this week.
The picture is kind of bland. It doesn't really show how great these finds were. As usual, I found a couple of shirts, and then some pieces that I can paint.
My absolute favorite find of the week was this necklace. It's adorable. It's so kawaii. And it goes perfect with a top that I purchased.
I loved the doves. They reminded me so much that spring is here, and that it's time to enjoy it! I was also reminded of a conversation I had with a friend one time who kept doves. She told me that they really are stupid birds. I thought that was kind of a harsh statement, and then she explained it to me. She told me that they don't build very good nests, they will take a twig and maybe a piece of string to build with. And then they seem amazed when their eggs fall out. If that is true, they are kind of dense, but they are beautiful.
This shirt is full of those patriotic patches. And that is why I bought it. I wanted to use those patriotic patches to upcycle some shorts that I purchased over the winter. Perfect for July the fourth parties. And I thought the buttons were super cool.
And I couldn't resist the paper mache teddy bear. I see something really cool in his future. I believe he might become a really scary teddy.

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