Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bad Monkey

I have to admit, if there a book or movie based out of the Florida Keys, I am immediately interested in it. It's because I spent a winter there several years ago. And these books and movies often bring back happy memories. So when I saw the book Bad Monkey, by Carl Hiaasen, I grabbed it.

The Story

Andrew Yancey is trying to get his job back as a detective in Key West. And he has found the perfect crime to solve which will make that happen. He just has to solve the crime of what happened to the man belonging to the severed arm that was caught by a tourist. Andrew is led on a wild chase around the Keys, up to Miami, and down to the Bahamas. There is everything that makes for a juicy story. There is goofiness. Andrew actually lost his job for assaulting a doctor with a vacuum. And then there is the question where is the rest of the murder victims body. And then there is a monkey, who comes to the aid of a kidnap victim. 

What I Think

I really enjoyed this book. It was life in The Keys. There is always some crazy event occurring. The area seems to draw eccentric individuals. So the crimes are often unique. But the book also brings up a problem that so many areas in the islands are facing. What is happening to the locals? Developers are coming into the areas and pricing locals out of their homes. It's a real problem in these areas. So these island paradises are loosing some of their character. And then I liked that the book also presents the problem of individuals who are scamming Medicaid, Medicare, and the elderly. And the author uses humor to make his point.

So, if you are looking for a fun, entertaining story Bad Monkey is the book for you.

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