Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fall Weather

I did not realize that fall had set in until the other day. It was a normal day, I had informed my pet human that she must feed me promptly. And I had a good breakfast. Then it was time for me to spend some time sunbathing on the porch. My roommate and I marched toward the front door, and we sat there.

Our pet did not open the door for us. This caused some confusion. She told us it was cold out. We didn't believe her. It was a sunny day. We reminded her of our daily routine. It was to include time on the front porch. We need our fresh air.

So she opened the door for us, we went outside. And then that cool air hit us. We immediately turned around and came back in the house. She was right, it was a little cold out there. Fall weather has definitely set in.

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