Saturday, October 7, 2017

Is Bottled Water Better?

Every once and a while my friends and I have a discussion about bottled water. Where does it come from? There's no doubt that picking up a bottle of water on a hot day when your out running around is one of the best purchases of the day. And of course anyone who has survived a natural disaster knows that the companies that bottle that water are your best friend of the moment.

But where does it come from? The label may say it's pure, but is it? The truth is that it has much more lax than tap water. The difference between the two are bottled water is regulated by the FDA, and tap water is regulated by the EPA. Now, if you live in Flint, running to the store for a case of water might be a better choice. But for the most part your tap water may actually be safer.

The truth is there are times when bottled water is better, but then again you never know do you?

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  1. I think a lot has to do with the quality of you tap water, mine is so so some days it is fine some days not so much but my daughter who lives 10 minutes away always has good tasting tap water