Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ready Player One

Ever wonder just how far people will go to escape reality? And what happens when someone wants to control the world that everyone is escaping to? This is the world in 2044. It's the world where Wade Watts resides in the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

The Story

In 2044, the world isn't so pretty. Natural resources have been used up. Food and lodging are not cheap. And there is definitely a class divide in the world. But you can escape all of this. You can go to the Oasis, where you can develop a virtual self. You be the person you want to be. You can look anyway you want. And that world can be more real than the one you actually live in. And one lucky individual can inherit a fortune if they are able to win the huge video game that is within the Oasis. 

Wade is determined to win that prize, and this book is his story and how the game unfolds. 

What I Think

I enjoyed reading this book. The book is a trip back to the eighties in many ways. The man who created the Oasis was a fan, and so many things in the virtual world relate to that world. I thought it was funny that all of the television shows, movies, and games from that time were all the rage. The entire culture can't get enough of it. So the future is the past in a way. 

I also like that this book clearly points out that the real world problems are the result of neglecting issues for several years. And then there is a day of reckoning. I liked the characters in this book. Wade is a fun guy. He can be a jerk, but most of the time he's just a good guy.

So, if you love the eighties and gaming this book might be one for you.

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