Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Can Opener Let Me Down

This year I have had a slight problem with can openers. You see they just seem to let me down.Some people reading this may be thinking how can a can opener let you down l. I am going to tell you how in this post.It was a cold winter day, and I thought wouldn't some chicken noodle soup be perfect. I dug through the cabinet and found that can of soup. There wasn't a pull top on this can so I searched out the dollar tree can opener. I punctured the top I turned the handle once,twice and then the problem arose. It broke in half. There was only a slit. And all that I could get out of the can was the broth.There would be no noodles for me that night.
I went to the store and bought another can opener. I decided to spend a little more money this time. But I wasn't going to spend loads on a can opener. It just didn't seem right. This one worked better. Until the day I wanted some peaches. I began opening the can, and the handle kept turning,but the can wasn't opening. Another can opener had let me down.
Today I went out and upgraded that simple kitchen tool again and hopefully this one will be the one that keeps going. After all the third time is the charm isn't it?

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