Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How To Destroy A Friendship

There are loads of ways to destroy a friendship. I’ve often found that close friendships often run their course. Something smaller is said or done. The incident is blown out of proportion. And a friendship is over. There are those who claim that you were never really friends to begin with. But I don’t believe it is true. The friendship may not be what you need in life anymore. Your friend may be in a different place in life than you are. And it comes to an end. There are times when you miss parts of that friendship, but you don’t want to put the effort into beginning all over. After all things can never be the same.

But there is one time when all bets are off and you know that the friendship was never meant to be. The cause of that is finding out your new friend doesn't really like Star Wars.

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  1. Most friendships do not stand the test of time and people come in and out of our lives for a reason