Sunday, May 27, 2018

What’s The Plan Here?

Have you ever had times when you make plans with other individuals. Yep, you know what is going to happen. Then they tell you no we need to meet at a different time. You are like okay. If we run on time we can still do what we planned. But then they you a message saying they have to stop by somewhere before they get to your house.

At this point you feel a little disappointed. And then when the individual arrives you remind them that what you is over and offer another suggestion. They aren’t really interested. At this point you ask yourself why do I bother? The individual begins telling you about some other changes that are going on with plans you are involved in. The individual is frustrated and you offer some suggestions and they aren’t interested.

At this point you are getting a little tired of this. So you finally ask what’s the plan here? Keep in mind they have shot down all of your ideas so far. The answer to your question is I don’t know. And once again I ask myself why do I do this to myself?

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