Friday, May 25, 2018

Why We Love Those Hippies

Everybody knows a hippie or two. I mean real hippies that have had several sixties. They just refuse to leave that decade. And you have to admit that you really do love them. 

We love these hippies because they just refuse to yield. They are not going to give up their past. And their past is their present. 

We love them because they always talk about peace and being at one with the world, but they usually have the most drama in their live. 

They throw the best parties. Their parties last for days not just a couple of hours. They enjoy burning man and raves. 

If they begin a story with this one time. It’s going to be a story worth listening to because it’s all about a big experience that many individuals wish would happen to them. 

These people aren’t afraid of color. I mean they brought tie dye into the world. How can you go wrong with that?

And because they love the earth they actually are good to know just in case there really is a zombie apocalypse. They already have some of those survival skills.

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