Thursday, November 27, 2014

Decorating For Christmas DIY Style

Once again it's time to look at some of the great things that have come out of the Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party. There are always tons of great posts at the linky party. And here are some of the decorating for Christmas DIY style posts that I think are fabulous.

The first is a fantastic tutorial on creating fresh Christmas wreaths. The wreath looks fantastic and makes me want to go out get the supplies to make it this weekend. Okay, maybe on Monday when the stores are a little less crowded. But I do want one of these wreaths.

DIY Fresh Christmas Wreaths
The second is link has a bunch of ideas to decorate your home based on items you can find at Big Lots. My absolute favorite is the Christmas mantle idea. I mean how simple, and it looks so great.
Simple DIY Holiday Décor #BigHoliday @BigLots
And the last Christmas decoration is a Pine Cone Christmas Man. I love how the DIY uses items that cost nothing and encourage individuals to get outside and see what the world has to offer. The pine cones can be collected from outdoors. So they are free.
Anne from Upstate Ramblings came up with the post and it has a tutorial to make it easy peasy to make.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
May you all make memories you won't regret!

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Thanksgiving-Style Brownies

I'm really excited about this Thanksgiving twist on brownies! Gooey chocolate, crunchy walnuts, and guess what? Dried cranberries! It makes a luscious treat for Thanksgiving or any time of the year!

Sweet & Simple Projects: 

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornament

Easy to make pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornament. So cute and a great kids activity!
You can make your own pipe cleaner tree ornament using a just a few simple materials, and the end result is a sweet little tree ready to hang on your real Christmas tree. This is a great craft to do with kids!

Hot & Cold Rice Bag Tutorial

                             Creative Pink Butterfly
    A rice bag is probably one of the smartest things one can have lying around  your house (in their designated area). It is also super-easy to make! You can even make any size or shape you want. You can make hand warmers, like A Bee In My Bonnet or a foot warmer like V and Co. Today I am going to show you how I create a shoulder bag. The great thing about this design is that it sits comfortably around your shoulders. You can of course use it for other body parts such as backs, stomaches, feet, etc. It is 40 x 15 cm and is divided into four sections. This prevents the rice from going to one side only

Green Beans with Cranberries and Walnuts

Whether you are looking for the perfect seasonal side dish, or just love green beans, this dish is for you. They are coated in delicious butter and garlic, and then topped with cranberries and walnuts for a dash of sweetness and a bit of crunch. The key to keeping these green beans vibrant and bright is making sure to plunge them in an ice bath (see directions), and completely cool them down before continuing the cooking process.

Cookie Dough Cupcakes | Tackling Life
I knew before even making these that the guys would love them! How can you not like raw cookie dough? And dough without egg makes it safe to eat. Which meant I snuck a little bit while making them

The Reality of Getting Ready With a Child

                                      Winks and Eyerolls

Oh the carefree mornings...back when I was able to walking around as I pleased, take my time to make sure my makeup looked nice and the perfect outfit was picked out. This all seems like a distant dream. Those mornings aren't around anymore and that's ok. As a working mom (who is not a morning person), I'm going to tell you about my realities of getting ready with a child.

Mama’s Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding

Mama's Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding, raw, gluten-free, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, niacin, zinc, soluble, insoluble fiber, add bulk to food, raw cacao powder, raspberry puree, apple sauce, bananas, almond butter, chia gel, substitute for fat, coconut milk, water, dairy-free, processed sugar-free, pumpkin patch, James Whitcomb Riley, poem, quote, when the frost is on the pumpkin, snacks, breakfast, refrigerate overnight, trendy, dessert, health benefits, cozy, autumn, fall, harvest time, recipes, Pinterest, homemade, homemaking, keeper at home, health benefits, lose weight, feeling full, relieve constipation, DSCN1891
Since it has turned all fall-like and cozy-feeling I’ve been making this {raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, processed sugar-free} chia pudding concoction with pumpkin for breakfast and snacks…anything to add more pumpkin to the season! Our visit to the pumpkin patch was just perfect for that crisp autumnal day!

Cocktail: Texas Lemon Drop Martini

If you have an upcoming holiday party or bachelorette party, these Lemon Drop Sugar Cubes are the perfect on-the-go mixer to make this simple Texas Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail. What makes this a Texas Lemon Drop Martini?? The Dripping Springs Texas Vodka of course. This vodka is pure and smooth…making it the perfect pairing in this cocktail.

Ramblings of a Bad Domestic Goddess

The Holiday season is almost upon us. To this day, side dishes play just as an important role as the entrée in our house. Here are twenty-five feast worthy side dishes. 

This is such an easy and inexpensive DIY project. You can make your own Chevron Tray on the cheap…or you can choose a different pattern if chevron is not your thing.I was able to use a 40% Off a Single Item coupon at my local craft store…so the tray cost me around $5. The scrapbook paper was under a $1. I had the Mod Podge (decoupage) on hand…but if you don’t you can grab a bottle for $5- $10 depending on the size. I also sealed the wood with poly (optional).

November Beauty Favorites

   Unfading Beauty

My Bare Minerals Ready foundation was running out and was on the search for a paraben free and natural foundation. I loved my Bare Minerals but i was looking for something with a more natural look and not too heavy.

In the beginning i had a love hate relationship with the Tarte airbrush foundation ,the coverage wasn't so good compared to Bare Minerals Ready  and it didn't cover much of the redness in my face.


My husband loves blueberry cream cheese pie and every year at Christmas, it’s his one request.
Of course, the boys also have favorites for Christmas, but though their so-called favorites may vary a bit, my husband’s request is always the same.

DIY snowflake necklace - Perfect gift for your girl friend


Today I am sharing my first post for Christmas this year. It is about making a beautiful snowflake necklace for your sister, friend or your wife /girl friend (If you are a guy reading this post ;)) to gift this holiday season or may be one for yourself. It is so easy to make and you will be surprised "How gorgeous" it looks. If you can't afford for real diamonds then this is something you should make to impress your girl. I am sure it has more value than the real diamonds if it is handmade jewelry by you.(Don't you agree ? :))Lets start making!!

Coffee Filter Trees

If you have been following my blog a little, I think you can tell that I like to recycle, up cycle and use materials in new ways.
One of my favorite materials to use is coffee filters.
They are inexpensive and very versatile. 
I have used them for many projects.
With Christmas around the corner, I wanted to share an easy project today.
Coffee Filter Trees!

The other day I decided to use some of the fun fabrics I have to make some Christmas throw pillows for the living room.  I have had this Christmas Tree pillow on my Christmas Pinterest board for a long time so I was ready to give it a go.   I got my inspiration from this Christmas Tree Pillow Tutorial I followed on Inspired Honey Bee.  She actually got her inspiration from a tree pillow on Style Me Pretty.  I didn't follow the tutorial exactly but I do love how they turned out! 

10 tips to make sending Christmas cards easy


mail boxes, christmas, mail, packages, letters, post
Sending Christmas cards should not feel like a chore
Whether you are planning your USA Thanksgiving or not, Christmas comes faster than Rudolph can blink his nose, and if you send out Christmas cards (See one of my most popular posts on this very topic) there is no time to waste.
Last year I shared a few tips on how to make sending out Christmas cards easy instead of a chore that we dread, or worse, that we feel obligated to do. Here’s my updated list:

You can enter our 

(Octobers winner was Katherine from Katherine's Corner)

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Stuffing Incident

There are so many things to look forward to about Thanksgiving. There is the parade, the football, the time with the family. And if you're my sister in law Kris there is the stuffing.

This is Kris. She is the center of this Thanksgiving stuffing story. The story is the Thanksgiving stuffing incident.

Made with

Yes, she is a stuffing lover. A couple of years ago I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my brother and his family. Kris got up early on Thanksgiving like so many individuals and began the annual preparations. The bird needed to be prepared and of course stuffed.

She labored over the stuffing. She proclaimed how much she loved stuffing. Her eyes had a dreamy quality. She was dreaming of tasting that stuffing. She had a content look on her face. Her labor over the stuffing was one of love.
Throughout the morning the aroma of the turkey filled the house. Finally the bird was done and the stuffing could be removed. Kris placed the stuffing in a glass bowl. She was so looking forward to this stuffing. The bowl was set aside and the carving began. Then things went all wrong. The was a loud shattering sound. We all looked around. The stuffing bowl had been placed on the stove top, and well it was on a burner. And the burner had been left on. This is the movie scene that flashed through my mind


The look of disgust was like that of the father in A Christmas Story. And I wondered if she would burst into tears like the mother. Kris is a tough northern girl, and she was not giving up on her stuffing. Once the initial shock was over she ran to her precious stuffing. Could any be salvaged? We dared not laugh. And the oh, no's rang through the house. Kris inspected the bowl. Yes, as she examined the bowl she stated that it had cracked along the bottom of the bowl so the stuffing at the top of the bowl was safe. It would be possible for each of us to have some stuffing at Thanksgiving.
As friends and I texted each other about family fiascos. The Thanksgiving stuffing incident was deemed the winner of story of the year.

To all of you stuffing lovers out there may this Thanksgiving be free of stuffing disasters.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Effective Communication Styles

This is Smokey, the cat, and I believe that I should address what I believe are effective communication styles.

 My roommates and I all have varied means of communicating with our pet human. Some of them are more effective than others. Today, I going to address the cry. Some of you humans may call it the meow.

My young roommate Bobaloo is a small cat, but she has a very loud and demanding cry. In fact there are times when she is just annoying. I know that everyone human and feline in the house agrees with this. There are times when she just walks through the house screaming for hours. No joke she really does do this. It just gets on my nerves when she does this. This is not really an effective means of communication. Screaming for hours on end just makes everyone ignore you. And I am always relieved when my pet human has simply had enough and tells Bobaloo to shut up.

My roommate Captain is large fellow with a puny cry. He cries daily, and he believes that if he cries someone will listen to him. I believe this is a hit or miss way of communicating. The sympathy cry is kind of pathetic. Yes, the pet human feels bad sometimes and gets him what he wants, but just as often this cry is ignored. This in my opinion is not acceptable. And I believe it is part of the reason he has to constantly be next to our pet human in order to get the attention he desires.

I believe that my method of communication is the most effective. I cry seldom. But when I do I let out a loud ringing roar. After all I am a miniature lion so my cry must be forceful. And it is. When I cry everyone looks. I get quality attention, and I am able to obtain exactly what I want. So my advice to felines and humans is cry seldom, but when you do cry make sure it counts.

Music to blog by People are Strange by The 69 Cats
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is coming and hopefully we are all thinking about things we are thankful for. But this Thanksgiving I've thought about things and I wondered is giving thanks the same as being thankful?

So I thought about what is giving thanks. To me giving thanks is telling others the things that you are thankful for. Not just on occasions, but on a regular basis. Not just the big things in life, but the things we take for granted. I thought to myself I do a pretty good job with this. I am thankful for so many things.
But when I thought what is the difference between being thankful and giving thanks. I thought giving thanks is a one time action. And being thankful is a constant lifestyle. You see it seems to me that giving thanks is the first step in a taking on a lifestyle of being thankful.
So I thought to myself, am I constantly thankful? Well, no, in all honesty, I don't think it's a constant. I am thankful for the good things that happen to me. And there are many good things that happen to me all the time. There are times when I am amazed at the good things that happen to me. But when problems arise I am struggle with seeing the good in it.
I know that something good comes out of everything. I thought to myself I so often so that there is a problem. But in reality, it is a challenge. A challenge provides an individual with the opportunity to grow. And well growth usually isn't comfortable. And once again if I am honest I don't like to be uncomfortable.
So I guess my personal challenge is learning how to be thankful when the opportunities for growth come along. To me it seems like a big challenge. And I'm still figuring it out, but I do know that I believe that we need to give thanks for the good things in life. And then we need to move past that attitude toward the lifestyle of being thankful.
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Friday, November 21, 2014

The 69 Cats

Did you ever watch the show True Blood? You know the one about vampires?

If you did you remember that opening song with the lyrics I want to do bad things to you. I always knew the song was a great intro song for the show, but I never knew who recorded the song until well yesterday. I found out it was the band The 69 Cats.

So what makes this band so appealing? For me it's that voice. Jyrki69 is the person behind that voice. The voice is deep, it's rich, it's spooky! Then of course there is the bass in the music. Chopper Franklin is the bassist. Punk fans probably know the name he's from that famous band The Cramps. And then there is Danny B. Harvey on guitar. It has that perfect twang. And the heartbeat of the band on drums is Clem Burke. So the band has a solid lineup of experienced musicians. Many of the songs they play are covers of well known songs that include; People are Strange, Sweet Transvestite, and Runaway. They classify themselves as a dark rockabilly band. And I would say that's a pretty good match. The songs they play are traditional songs with a dark feeling and of course that great rockabilly sound. The band just focuses on having a good time with the music they play. And they do a great cover of She's Not You that has Wanda Jackson.
I guess the point of all this is I'm now a fan of The 69 Cats and I hope you all like their music as much as I do. Check out their website and maybe you can see them play live.
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