Sunday, July 5, 2015

July Goals 2015

Once again I have to say that it is hard to believe that it is July already. The past month has been a blur. I feel as if I am still struggling to finish things I start. Well I don't just feel like I am struggling with it. I know it! I can't figure out why this is such a struggle for me. It gets pretty frustrating when I don't finish what I start. I feel as though my job takes up so much of my time, but if I don't have a job I can't pay the bills. I'm sure this is a problem for pretty much everyone. So if you check out my post What Will June Offer you'll find that I wanted to complete these goals.

1. Clean out my old car
2. Make sugar scrub
3. Work on my art journal
4. Find some good things about work

It upsets me that this month I only completed one of the four goals I set for myself. I found some good things about work.

One of the good things about work with all of the overtime I have been working, I have been able to catch up on some bills so I am in a much better financial place than I was a year and a half ago. I am really thankful for this.

I have to admit that not completing the goals that I set for June made me feel kind of bad. I'm back to those feeling of never finishing things. But July is a new month, and I plan on making some progress on completing tasks.

So my goals for the month are as follows.

Spend time with people who are important to me

When life gets a little busy, I have the tendency to just stop socializing with people who are important to me. I really don't think this is healthy for me. I don't take time to unwind and do things that I enjoy. I get all caught up in what has to be done and I put together a schedule that is a little too structured. I have the tendency to get a little down because I'm not enjoying what is going on. People are key to getting me out of that rut. So this month, I am going to spend time with the important people in my life at least once a week.

Read for half an hour each day

Earlier this year I set this goal, and I did it. Well this past month or two I haven't done it. I really do enjoy reading, and I am going to spend time reading each day. Reading forces me to focus in on something other than what is going on at the moment. Books offer me the opportunity to visit other places and think about other ways to solve problems. I'm going to spend time reading each day.

I will not look at the clock on my days off


I feel like when I get a day off, I spend a great part of the day looking at the clock. I think I do this because my work days are so structured. And I feel like I have so much to accomplish on my few days off that I am constantly looking to see how much time I have left. And I don't get to sit back and enjoy the time off I have. This has to stop, so this month I will not look at the clock all the time when I have a day off. I'm going to let the days go where they go. Can I do it? I think I can.

Clean Out the Old Car

I don't really like caring goals over from a previous month, but this absolutely has to be completed. I need to finish this project up so I can save some money. I'm loosing about a hundred dollars a month by putting this off. And there really is no excuse for it. It's gonna happen this month. Don't get me wrong, I started working on this, but well I didn't complete it.

So what do you want to accomplish in the month of July? And what motivates you to accomplish your goals?

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Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Portobello Bites


Happiness Is Homemade Link Party

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July. Mine didn't turn out the way I planned, but it was still great. I was able to spend time with good friends. And it was time that I really needed. It felt good to be able to talk to people that I don't work with about things that I felt are important. So let's get on with the party. Be sure to link up your posts, and visit some of the great blogs that are participating in the link party.
HIH 3 Hosts

Welcome to this week’s Happiness is Homemade Link Party! We love seeing all of your links. Please remember to visit a few other links and share some love and meet some new friends!! We love new and old friends so let us hear from you!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Great Blog Train July

It's hard to believe July is here already. The year is half way over already. And this weekend is the fourth of July holiday already. And to all of the Canadians out there Happy Canada Day! So to everyone who is celebrating this week, remember to be safe and make some memories!

To all our Canadian Travelers:
Canada Day by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo Canada_zpscdb52d09.jpg
Canada is 148 years old today!

The Great Blog Train

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- 1 Thirty day Ad Space on Stone Cottage Adventures

- $10 Paypal Cash from Angie
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God’s Growing Garden

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June's Caboose and featured blog happens to be:

"Shadow Liner Girl" Congratulations!
Aaliyah's lovely blog is full of beauty tips!  And every Friday she cohosts a super fun blog hop called "Aloha Friday"!  This is how they describe their blog: "I'm a beauty blogger from Atlanta with a passion for makeup, no self control in makeup stores, and a purple lip stick collection"


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Depeche Mode Always Brings Me Bad Luck

I like the band Depeche Mode. But Depeche Mode always brings me bad luck. I'm not kidding it really does. It all started many years ago. You see I listened to Depeche Mode's tapes. Yes they were tapes at that point in time. For those of you who don't know what a cassette tape looks like. This is a picture of one.

You see the music made me want to dance. The lyrics were a little dark so I liked that. Then my friend and I found out Depeche Mode was playing outside of Chicago. We had to go! We got our tickets. And the day came. It was a road trip to the show! We listened to Depeche Mode on the way. We arrived early. So we stopped at a store. It was getting closer to the time when the doors would open so we got back in the car to go, but the car wouldn't go. This couldn't be happening, but oh yes it was. I found someone to look at the car, and the verdict was that there was something wrong with the alternator. They recommended that we return home immediately. But we would not be deterred. We had to see Depeche Mode. We got to the show it was great. After the show, the car didn't start again. The hunt began for some guys to give us a push so I could pop the clutch. They were found and we were able to get back home safely. I took the car to the shop the next day, and yes I needed some work done on the car. I was a few hundred dollars poorer.
Then a couple of years later. The Violator album was released. Yes, I needed the tape. I got the tape. I listened to the tape. I loved the tape. Once again I spent time in my car listening to the tape. I listened to the tape on the way to the library one evening. I was in college and I needed to do some research for a paper. I got to the library and put my coat down. I was young and I was careless. I walked off, and when I came back my coat was gone. My car keys were gone too! I didn't have a way home. I got a ride home and began mourning the loss of my coat. Young and dumb as I was little did I realize that I should really be mourning the loss of my vehicle. I got a ride to go pick up my car the next morning. We drove past where I parked my car, and it wasn't there. I told my ride. And she exclaimed No! We'll drive around the block and it will be there. So we did and it still wasn't there. Depeche Mode had struck again! My car was stolen.
A couple of years later, I saw a used Depeche Mode tape. I wanted it! I bought it! Low and behold some weird things started occurring. The boyfriend I had at the time fell in love with the tape. He was a real loser. Actually, he was the definition of a loser. I had to explain to him what the songs meant. Well, as time went by with this Depeche Mode tape, my car engine blew up. And well I got myself into a financial mess which took me a while to dig my way out of.
In reality, I know that Depeche Mode didn't really bring me bad luck. I know that much of what happened was based on decisions I made at the time. But I still haven't purchased another Depeche Mode tape, Cd, or even downloaded a song of theirs since then. So maybe part of me really does believe that it brought me bad luck.
Another Great Music Post


Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party 75

Wednesday always seems like the busiest day of the week to me. It's a day when I've grown really weary of the work week. It's almost half over, but there is still enough of it to make you think it may never end. But the really great thing about Wednesdays is the linky party. It's a great way to meet new people and see how they have grown. So welcome to the party!

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I recently discovered that I love bread pudding.  Like a lot.  Of course, I made this discovery at Disney after having far too much banana bread pudding at Tusker House’s character breakfast…  And too many pots of English bread pudding at Earl of Sandwich…  And staying at the Polynesian and smelling the awesome bread pudding every day for a week…

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My 3 y.o. used two spinning tops to good use one fine day, and created a few good results!

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