Sunday, February 19, 2017

Martian Successor Nadesico

Anime is a source of entertainment that is often made fun of. It's seen as a true geek form of entertainment. And being a true geek girl. I occasionally binge watch some anime. My most recent binge was Martian Successor Nadesico.

The Story

It's 2196, and earth is at war with an alien race. The leaders have built a ship that is state of the art called the Nadesico. The crew of the ship is top notch, but they have a few eccentricities. They face battles and personal challenges.

What I Think

I really liked this series. I like how it pokes fun at the anime. I've always thought it shows great self esteem when someone or something is able to make fun of itself. The characters are interesting, and you will like them. It is sci-fi. And it's a good sci-fi show. It shows exploration of space, and what weaponry could be like in over 100 years. And there is a commitment to sending humans to Mars. So the development of a colony on Mars is not too far fetched. And like all good science fiction it takes a look at society now. There is a point when everyone realizes the enemy isn't so different from themselves.

Who Should Watch This

Anyone who is a fan of science fiction will probably like this show. Fans of anime will also love it. But this show is also a good introduction to that world. It does have a humorous side so it is a little light hearted at times. And if you enjoy animation at all you will like this show.

You may have to look for this series though, it was originally shown in Japan in 2005. But there are English copies available. I watched it in English. But it is worth searching out.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

So When Are You Going Home?

I arrive at the facility after the six hour drive. I am tired, but I feel like I need to go there first. That way, I can see mom right away. That is the reason for the trip after all isn't it? She is excited, my brother arrived the night before. He had pictures of the new baby, and that made her day. That is currently the most adorable baby in the world, if you ask anyone in my family.

She is excited because she is getting stronger. She walked around last night for several hours without the oxygen. She tells me that she doesn't have to have anyone walking with her when she is using her walker.

Then she tells me the best news of all. She is going home soon. But then I ask how soon is soon? She asks if I'll be able to come stay with her when she gets out. I tell her I think I'll be able to, but I need to know exactly when so I can get time off work. She says we're going to have a meeting today to find out when. I ask her what time the meeting is, and she says to ask my brother. I tell her that I really need to get cleaned up if I am going to meet with more of the staff at the facility. So, I tell her I will come back later with my brother.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 9

I have once again scored big at the thrift shops. I was reminded this week, that there are a select few of us who truly enjoy thrifting. There are those who simply turn their noses up at the great thrifting hobby. They do not truly understand just how great it feels to get that treasure that is unique at such a great price. They do not understand what it is like to put together the perfect outfit in a store where nothing is meant to match. So for those of you who truly enjoy thrifting, here are my finds of the week.

I got this really cute blue green top with lace at the neckline. It will be great for spring and summer. And then a book about a dragonfly. The face of the dragonfly looks just like a dragon. And a friend of mine is using a stuffed dragon as part of his motivation to loose weight. Those dragon faces will come in handy. And there are a few little pieces of jewelry that I picked up. I also scored that cute little duck hat, and a green blue scarf. I plan to use the scarf to make more of the DIY Magic Wands, I made earlier this year.
You can see some of the jewelry a little closer up. I really liked the heart bow ring. And I didn't mention that centerpiece I found. It's made of mango wood, and I've got a plan for it.
And I also found some other cute little animals for the jars.
That ring reminded me of some of the great Hello Kitty items I absolutely love.
That's a close up of the lace on the top.

Tell me what your favorite find of the week is, and what items have you hunted down recently?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Can You Speak English Please?

There is a lot of talk about immigration recently. It seems like I hear everyday about immigration reform. I hear people say that newcomers need to learn to speak English. And I could go on and on. And so many of these things make me wonder if immigrants are a problem like so many individuals make them out to be.

About the time I started wondering about this, I came across this video put out by The University of California.

In the video Waters brings up some really interesting ideas. One of them being that immigrants want to learn English. They are filling up classes to learn the language. I thought about all of the people who I have heard complain about people not being able to speak English. And I wonder if they have thought about just how difficult it can be for an adult to learn a new language. But still there are members of the immigrant communities lining up and taking the challenge to speak English.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Every once and awhile you want to read something a little different than your usual picks. So when the chance to review a historical romance with Merlin in it, I thought why not? The book is entitled Igraine. And it is the first in the Camelot Uncovered series by Jane Godman.

The Story

Igraine happens to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She is part fairy, so every man falls in love with her. Her husband is a domineering man, and she finds herself in love with another. But Merlin promises King Uther that he will marry the woman Igraine. But Uther finds that his desire to marry Igraine may divide his kingdom.

What I Liked

I like that the author used the King Arthur legend as the basis for this novel. Then she made some twists in the traditional story, and it became a new one. It was like spending time with familiar individuals, and then realizing they are a little different than you remember. It was entertaining. And it was a little different than what I usually read. It is a typical historical romance and heavy on the romance. There are some steamy scenes in the book. Will I read more books in the series? I'm not sure, I think that will probably depend on my mood. But if you enjoy historical romances with a taste of fantasy then you may enjoy this book.


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I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Just The Fact On Growing Herbs

Some of you will be planning out your gardens this month. It is February, and in some places in the country you really need to start your seedlings soon. And then there are those of you who read my post Mother Nature's Way of Freshening Your Home. You know that an indoor herb garden can help keep your home smelling fresh and clean. You have decided to plant a little indoor herb garden. Here are some basic facts about growing herbs.


Your soil is important. Herbs need well drained soil. That means if your soil has a lot of clay in it. You really need to add organic compost to the mix. It adds nutrients to the soil as well as allowing it to drain easier. (The secret to finding if your soil is high in clay is check to see how long it takes water to drain. If it takes more than a minute, you may need to add some compost.)


If you want your herbs to have a great flavor, you need to provide them with organic fertilizer and water. Water your plants when the soil seems a little dry around the edges. Be careful not to over water. And fertilize it once or twice during the growing season.


Most herbs are natives of Mediterranean climates. That means it's just in their makeup to like warmth and plenty of sunshine. If you want great tasting herbs make sure to provide your plants with lots of natural sunlight.


Like other plants, once it flowers the leaves taste different. Dandelion greens become more bitter after they have flowered. Make sure you nip the flower buds off your herbs.


Learn as much as you can about the plants you are going to plant. This way you can plan out your garden. You want your herbal garden to look great don't you?

Monday, February 13, 2017

We're All Working Towards

The phone rings and it announces that it is a call from mom. I think to myself I had better answer that. Perhaps, she needs something. I think to myself, that's kind of stupid. I can't go get her anything, it takes six hours to get there one way.

I answer the phone, and she asks if I called her. I tell her no. She says she thought the phone said that I called.

She is excited. There is big news. She is probably going to be able to go home in two weeks. That is good news. I ask her about the oxygen she is using. She says they are going to start weaning her off it. And I am relieved to hear this. It means she is getting much better.

She tells me we're all working towards me going home.